A commercial works best when the story is simple and distinct. The efforts shown here attempt to meet both criteria.

The Atlanta Ballet wanted a younger audience. Offering unconventional performances seemed the answer. Offering a series of unconventional spots that connected with that age group, seemed the answer too. They raised ticket sales of the age group by 20 percent.

St. Louis Children's Hospital stood out from other national competitors through a simple truth: the hospital's approach to caring for children is similar to the way children approach learning – the desire to know.

James Hardie Siding wanted to break into the American home building market. We helped them build a brand by remembering we weren’t selling siding, we were selling why you want a home in the first place.

99X FM is an alternative rock station that had a simple message. This ain’t your parents brand of rock ‘n roll. wanted Americans to realize that a vacation away from everything isn’t a world away, it’s a weekend away.

Taos Ski Valley wanted to appeal to a younger market without giving up its ski-only heritage. We figured speaking a boarder’s language could convert a few to the pure way to hit the powder.

Presbyterian Health Services had served New Mexico for 100 years. They literally helped build the communities they served. Telling that story without sounding like a hospital ad was worth the wait.

Atlanta Film Festival is one of the highest regarded independent film festivals in the film industry. Every year thousands of locals attend, and soon have a more introspective view of life.