HUMOR on a budget

The following shows a variety of samples of work we’ve done with smaller budgets, using humor to sell.

The Atlanta Ballet wanted a younger audience. Offering unconventional performances seemed the answer. Offering a series of unconventional spots that connected with that age group, seemed the answer too. They raised ticket sales of the age group by 20 percent.

Wilderness Athlete makes nutritional supplements for hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, and everyone else who likes to trek far out. The “mockumentary” short of one of those hikers chronicles his misadventure of finding and bringing home a unicorn. needed to establish a brand because of increased competition in the online blinds sales category. Using research that underscored consumers hesitation to buy blinds in retails stores. Through economic production that allowed us to establish an entertaining brand story across every communication channel, our humorous campaign created a double-digit sales increase.

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99X FM is an alternative rock station that had a simple message. This ain’t your parents brand of rock ‘n roll.

Taos Ski Valley needed a new generation of skiers to overcome the aging of a generation of loyal customers. Using a budget of only $10K for production, we produced a series of spots applying the difficulty level symbols of skiing to everyday life for Millennials; we remind them to focus on their real passion; to ski.

“Caught-betweens” are young teens caught between the decision to smoke or not to smoke. Using the vernacular of our target, The New Mexico Department of Health showed teens hip kids are non-smokers.

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